Vietnamese Flower & Berry Tea
Vietnamese Flower & Berry Tea
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Vietnamese Flower & Berry Tea

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The ultimate hot summer refresher - fragrant Vietnamese Black Tea with our crafted blend of Hibiscus Flowers, Rooisbos, Elderberries, Barberries from India, Raspberry and a touch of organic muscovado sugar (4 grams). While it can be enjoyed hot, it excels as a tangy, satisfying iced tea with only 10 mg caffeine per serving. Each sealed teabag pouch makes a liter/small pitcher of iced tea with a compelling natural red color.

We created this tea for Vietnamese restaurants and now we are making it available on our website. Many people will add sweetener but most enjoy its deep fruity flavor as it is.

Each package contains 3 large sealed teabags that just need to be popped into hot water for 5 minutes to brew, then poured over ice or put in the refrigerator. Depending on the strength you enjoy, the three teabags will make up to 5 liters of iced tea (including ice volume) or about 2 liters of hot brew. Each teabag can be brewed 2X with excellent flavor on the second brew as will as the initial brew.

NEW! We now have individual teabags for single servings. Each 12 gram teabag brews 8-10 ounces hot tea or up to a 14 ounces or more serving when poured over ice. 6 teabags per pouch.

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