JAZ Improv Coffees

We sometimes find ourselves bursting with creative impulses to try new and interesting blends. Len loves to create coffees that give people a sense of adventure, travel, or even evoke a feeling, like the first days of spring. He wants to capture in coffee the equivalent of a plein-air painting, or a playwright's skit. These ideas should not be restrained by feeling that we are designing a blend for the ages. We love thinking that we will try something and have no expectations other than the joy of the moment.

In this spirit we offer JAZ Improv Coffees. Some will sail on the ocean for a single voyage, while others strike a big cord with our customers and we have made them semi-permanent offerings.

You never know where a JAZ coffee will take you next! We use our absolute best beans, some of which are not used in any other blends, and all 100% natural (and usually organic) extracts or spices. Most flavorings are subtle so as not to interfere with the beauty of the base coffees. Despite the high costs of creating these coffees, we always fix the price at $5 per bag, so that everybody afford the fun. Enjoy the ride!