Vietnamese Blue Son La Bourbon Arabica
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Vietnamese Blue Son La Bourbon Arabica

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Our newest Vietnamese origin is from Son La, in the NW region of Vietnam. Famous for its verdant rolling tea plantations, Son La also has many coffee plantations at the altitude of 3000', a rarity in Vietnam, where the Central Plateau seldom reaches altitudes beyond 2000'.

This is an amazing Bourbon Arabica - Chocolatey, buttery, lower in acid than other Arabicas, and dubbed "Blue Son La" because of its dense, darker color in green beans than other Arabicas grown in Vietnam. We purchased one sack earlier in the year and loved it so much we have purchased it again and will carry it as long as supplies are available.

Bourbon Arabica beans are characterized by a roundness and mellowness of flavor that modern Arabicas often lack, coupled with a balanced acidity and smooth mouthfeel. Bourbon is unique in that it matures/ripens slowly after roasting and maintains a wonderful profile that seems to age well over weeks. Sharing genes with ancestral Robustas, this is an Arabica that truly pleases all palates.

8 oz bag roasted coffee, Medium Roast. Please select ground or whole bean.

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