Ultimate Saigon Blend Vietnamese Coffee Kit
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Ultimate Saigon Blend Vietnamese Coffee Kit

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This kit is the most fun you can have drinking coffee with your pants on! Seriously, Vietnamese Café Sua Da is taking the country by storm, and this kit has everything you need to enjoy this treat at home, brewed hot or iced.

The Ultimate Kit includes our two most popular Saigon Blends, including the flagship Saigon Gold and the Robusta-based Saigon Tradition, each 8 ounces. It also includes two 8-ounce phin brewers, two genuine Longevity sweetened condensed milks, and la pièce de résistance: Two high-grade stainless steel double-wall mugs suitable for holding in heat or cold. These mugs will keep your coffee hot or cold for up to 45 minutes, and they come with a metal straw and straw-cleaning brush.

The reason for including the insulated tumblers is clear: Over the 15 years we have championed Vietnamese coffee in the USA, the number one issue is with the hot coffee getting cold in the cup, or in making iced coffee, the ice melting too soon and watering down the brew.

We include basic tips of Vietnamese coffee and a pictorial instruction for using the phin. This kit's got everything except you, to drink the delicious result!

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