Uganda Lake Victoria Robusta Screen 18
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Uganda Lake Victoria Robusta Screen 18

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Uganda is considered by many as the birthplace of Robusta coffee. Coffee originated on the west coast of Africa and on Madagascar, and was originally mostly Robusta in its gene configuration. As it traveled north, farmers brought out Arabica genes, and as it migrated west, the final configuration of Robusta was formed.

This Lake Victoria region Robusta is the highest grade available, with large 18-screen beans bursting with chocolatey, rich flavor. This is a new origin for us and we will be experimenting with different roast profiles. At this time we are offering it in our "Chocolate Roast", which is a Medium Roast with extended development time to bring out chocolate and butter tones.

Every Robusta lover should try Robusta from the Lake Victoria crescent!

8 ounces, please select whole bean or drip grind. Robusta is higher in caffeine than Arabica, and is less acidic.

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