Sumatra Samosir Island
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Sumatra Samosir Island

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The Lake Toba Region is one of the Earth's premier coffee-growing regions. Samosir Island sits right in the middle of the lake. The soil and climate are perfect for coffee. These producers banded many small farms together to pool resources growing Arabica Caturra in the unique Sumatran style of wet-hull processing and natural patio sun-drying. The result is uniquely Sumatran in profile and extremely aromatic and rich, especially in our master Dark Roast that is just a touch lighter than our usual Dark.

The coffee has notes of dark chocolate, dried fruit and vanilla. It compares favorably to our all-time historic favorite of Sumatra Lintong we carried many years ago. Big Bean has come to town with an outsize flavor profile!

8 ounces, Dark Roast, please choose drip grind or whole bean.

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