Saigon Tradition Peaberry Robusta Blend
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Saigon Tradition Peaberry Robusta Blend

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Our second in the new Saigon Blend series, this Culi (peaberry) Robusta Blend is sure to please anybody with a "back" palate who loves deep, dark, delicious coffee with high body and persistence. That chocolatey flavor you love is here in a coffee we created ourselves. All natural, vegan, premium coffee with an amazingly smooth, chocolatey, buttery profile. High in caffeine. Great hot or iced; excellent choice for making cold brew.

Peaberries are round, unsplit beans (normally a bean will break into two halves). They are denser and have a richer, nuttier flavor. We've combined 3 origins in this blend, all high-altitude Robustas grown with the care and curing provided to the finest Arabicas. The dominant base of Peaberry Robusta is from the Dalat Highlands, and we add two non-peaberry origins from other regions in the Annam Highlands (Central Plateau) to widen the taste profile.

We can't stop drinking this coffee ourselves. We know that everybody will love it!

Select 8oz whole bean or drip grind (slightly coarse, ideal for for Phin brewing, French Press, or cone-shape drip machines and pour-overs).

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