Out of Africa, Blended Arabicas - Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania
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Out of Africa, Blended Arabicas - Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania

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Out of Africa is a perfect blend of high-altitude Arabicas from the birthplace of coffee. This is a Master Roast (Dark) of 3 temperatures, blending Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Uganda Bududa and Tanzania Peaberry coffees. It is really exceptional - bright, sharp, fragrant, and persistent on the palate.

All 3 of these origins come from regions where new co-ops are helping people lead better lives, with the help of outside agencies who have donated processing equipment, provided technical assistance and education, and paid fair prices for the crop over long-term contracts so farmers and their families are guaranteed living wages all year long. Two of these farms are woman-owned, and have distinguished themselves with local awards and accolades. This is the future of coffee sourcing! This is how coffee can change the world for millions of people.

8 oz bags, please choose drip or whole bean. Medium caffeine.

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