Lola's Anniversary Celebration Blend
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Lola's Anniversary Celebration Blend

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Len put his brain in high gear (sadly, stripped the gears a bit, and generated a lot of smoke) but popped out a fabulous Celebration Blend for our take-out store's 1st anniversary on March 15th. It is a delightfully bright City Roast base of premium Arabicas with 468F Deep Forest roast of Mexican Chiapas and Indian Organic Robusta. Wow, this is complex, powerful, satisfying... and intriguing all at once. It is flying out of the presspots at Lola's! Better catch it with your cup.

We have a feeling this is destined to become part of the permanent inventory because it's just that good. How can we describe a delicious cup of coffee on the Internet adequately to tell you how it tastes? We can't, so we run it at a super celebration special of only $4 in the hopes that you can't resist trying it for yourself. Go for it! You'll be glad you did.

8 ounces per bag, please select whole bean or ground. Limit 2 bags at this price.

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