JAZ Improv : Traveler Series : Mexican Mocha
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JAZ Improv : Traveler Series : Mexican Mocha

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This is a ton of fun in a cup! A real comfort coffee, with genuine Mexican Ceylon (sweet) cinnamon and mocha flavors. The base is the inimitable Rancho Feliz Arabica in Harlequin Roast. Buying this coffee and brewing yourself a batch is just the Right Move for late winter. Indulge!

We were surprised to find out that Mexican cinnamon generally originated from Ceylon. Ceylon cinnamon is the "real" cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum -"true cinnamon"), with tons of health benefits. Most other cinnamons are related, but often have less-than healthy elements in them, as they are simply a different species of tree with different genetic makeup. Ceylon cinnamon is what most of grew up with; it was ubiquitous in Sticky Buns and baked treats we love. We sourced genuine Mexican sticks of Ceylon cinnamon and Mexican chocolate, and created our own flavor extract for this fun coffee. There's just a touch of natural orange and organic vanilla to complete the profile of this satisfying mocha coffee.

8 ounces, please choose drip grind or whole bean.

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