JAZ Improv : Panda Blend
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JAZ Improv : Panda Blend

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We can all use a hug. Panda Blend hugs your tastebuds with rich, warm natural-process beans from Andradas, a small town in the Poços de Caldas volcanic caldera that is world-renowned for its health-giving soil and healing hot springs.

Alcides Jorge Fossa is a second-generation Italian coffee grower who has cultivated some of the finest microlots in the Sitio Pinhalzinho farming community of Andradas since 1984. We have purchased a sizable quantity of his 2020 harvest and have spent over a week perfecting the optimal roast points and combinations that go into this Harlequin Roast coffee.

This Direct Trade coffee is grown in tracts of coffee trees nestled between hundreds of acres of conservation land.

Rich, buttery, smooth, and low in acid, this is a great coffee to sip while enjoying a bakery treat or after-dinner relaxing cuppa.

Choose 8 ounce bag in whole bean or drip grind.

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