Honduras Rain Forest Arabica Blend
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Honduras Rain Forest Arabica Blend

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Our newest coffee comes from Siguatepeque, Honduras, and is grown at high altitudes (up to 4500') in a rainforest region surrounded by Conservation lands. This blend of Arabicas is produced from lots collected from 12 farms that pooled their resources in 1980 to create COHORSIL, or La Cooperativa de Horticultores Siguatepeque Limitada, to elevate the quality of coffee produced in the region.

The beans are varieties including Catuai, Catimor, Pacas,and Typica, and this diversity and the incredibly rich rainforest soil produces a cup that is super-complex and satisfying. The collective is Rainforest Alliance Certified and they sell their beans in Direct Trade agreements to the USA, so the farmers and their workers enjoy the benefits of fair profits and good practices, including education, training and health care for all the members.

This enticing blend of Arabicas has notes of dark chocolate, citrus zest, and gives the front palate a bright start and the back palate excellent body and persistence.

Now shipping during this sale in a Biotre biodegradable bag! It's fitting that this naturally organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee should be in a biodegradable bag!

8 ounces, Medium Roast, please select whole bean or drip grind.

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