Ethiopia Kembata Blueberry Arabica
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Ethiopia Kembata Blueberry Arabica

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We have the berries! In the coffee industry we're always looking for those rare Ethiopian coffees with the wonderful blueberry notes. This Kembata coffee is sun-dried with the fruit on, giving it extraordinary depth, strength, strong fruity notes of both blueberry and strawberry, with a hint of chocolate on the back palate. Len fell in love with this coffee the moment he roasted it with his special extended-Light Ethiopian roast profile, which brings out the maximum flavor and strength of the fruity notes.

This is just a wonderfully rich coffee with initial bite and round, fruity profile that takes your tastebuds on a pleasure cruise. Excellent after-dinner coffee! Special intro price.

8 ounces, please choose whole bean or drip grind. Roast level: Our Ethiopian Fruity Roast, somewhere in the neighborhood of City (between Light and Medium).

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