Café du Breault French Quarter Style Coffee
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Café du Breault French Quarter Style Coffee

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This coffee is a labor of love. With the cost of these premium beans and purchasing the best chicory we can find in the United States (direct from the farm in Nebraska) we are not making money, but that's fine. This is a coffee concept we had to tackle and win, and we are proud to present to you the rebirth of a quality French Quarter Dark Roast with chicory. Since the originator of chicory-blended coffee in the USA has chosen to cut corners and purchase inferior ingredients, it was left to us Breaults from Louisiana and Quebec to save this American Heritage coffee concept. We accepted the challenge.

Café du Breault (pronounced "Bro" -- it's French) is our answer to the demand for New Orleans French Quarter-style coffee, specifically Café du Monde. This style of coffee is a very dark roast, with roasted chicory added not as a filler but as a crucial ingredient in a traditional recipe.

To many Vietnamese-Americans, this French Quarter style is the "new Vietnamese coffee." Café du Monde is the big brand name in this style, and we could have just sold Café du Monde to all the people who come to us looking for it.

But we wanted to do better. Café du Breault is made from premium, fully ripened beans, so it's naturally lower in acid and more flavorful. We roast it dark, but not dark enough to char it, so it's easier on your stomach and doesn't burn away all the subtle flavors. The chicory is American-grown and freshly roasted. This is a very strong coffee with an in intense flavor profile combining traditional Vietnamese Coffee with New Orleans French Quarter tradition. We find our own family demanding it at gatherings and as gifts. Wonderful as Café Sua Da with sweetened condensed milk, and also as iced coffee.

Now available in whole bean, too! 8 ounces, please select drip grind or whole bean.

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