Vietnamese Red Dragonfruit, Freeze-Dried Chips
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Vietnamese Red Dragonfruit, Freeze-Dried Chips

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Omigod these Dragonfruit Chips are delicious! We had to get them up on the web fast before our staff eats them all, lol. These are the Red variety (although their color might be better described as purple or fuschia), as opposed to the White variety. They are grown and processed in Vietnam to meticulous standards of quality.

We purchased these for two purposes: To be sold as is, for a delicious snack full of healthy things (read more below), and for use in our fruit tea blends.

They are the best type of freeze-dried, crispy and light. Yum!

Dragonfruit is a naturally low-calorie food, with most of the calories coming from carbohydrate. There are two types of carbohydrate in dragon fruit: naturally occurring sugars (13g per 6-ounce serving) and fiber. You'll get 5 grams of fiber—or about 18% of your recommended daily intake—in a 6-ounce serving. It is a low-glycemic fruit that has been purported to assist in blood sugar control through an alternative action to insulin. It contains Vitamin C, riboflavin, flavonoids, magnesium, fiber and more.

Please select 2 oz bag or 4 oz bag.

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