Robusta FULL THROTTLE Master Blend
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Robusta FULL THROTTLE Master Blend

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We are the nation's top seller of roasted High-Altitude, Gourmet Robusta. We search the world over for best samples of Robusta coffee that has been lovingly, expertly cultivated with the care and husbandry of the finest Arabicas. We have been rewarded with 14 years of loyalty from customers who prefer Robusta's rich, smooth, low acid profile and higher caffeine. No other species of coffee provides the crema and back-palate persistence and recall of Robusta!

Our newest Robusta Blend, FULL THROTTLE, is one of our finest blending efforts to-date. We have taken high-altitude Vietnamese Robusta and Peaberry Robusta at Dark Roast and blended it with a Light Roast of India Araku Valley Robusta. The Vietnamese is smoother and not as bold as the Araku Valley so we used it to provide the darker notes; the rich earthy Araku Valley Robusta shines in a lighter roast, providing brown sugar and buttery tones. Overall, there is a hint of chocolate and a very satisfying persistence on the palate.

If you are a Robusta lover, this might well be your new favorite coffee... and certainly is on the Robusta Bucket List, so why wait? Hit the pedal to the metal and get brewing!

8 ounce Harlequin Roast, please choose drip grind or whole bean.

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