Prince Street Affogato Espresso
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Prince Street Affogato Espresso

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A Prince Street collection espresso, as rich and sweet as a Boston North End affogato! There's something about this blend that calls to that famous Italian dessert, with strong espresso melting into a perfect scoop of gelato... a combination of natural sweetness and caramel tones from the Brazilian and Costa Rican Arabicas, plus the creaminess and fullness that only a touch of Vietnamese Robusta peaberries can provide.

Though designed as an espresso, our staff will attest that the Affogato Special brews deliciously as a regular coffee, too. Flavorful and bold enough to stand up to cream and sugar if you like it like that. Even pouring it over ice doesn't slow it down, making this one of our most versatile blends.

8 oz roasted coffee, Medium roast. Please select drip grind, espresso grind or whole bean.

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