Mr. Taggart's Blend: Fire-Roasted Coffee
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Mr. Taggart's Blend: Fire-Roasted Coffee

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Awesomely delicious fire-roasted campfire-style coffee! Full of life and flavor, for when you have IMPORTANT tasks at hand... like working up a Number 6 on the people of Rock Ridge! ("Ridin' into town a'whompin' and a'wumpin' every living thing... except the womenfolk, of course!") Our cowboy-themed coffee is fresh-air roasted outside on a rotisserie grille designed for coffee roasting.

Unlike coffees typically produced indoors in drum roasters using natural gas (with its additives) our outdoor-roasted coffee is bathed in a continuous flow of fresh air and clean flame. It really impresses people with a unique flavor profile unlike anything they have tried before. The roast has natural gradations within the batch and this broadens the flavor profile and adds complexity - ripening in the cup as you marvel at the subtle changes it goes through.

We created Mr. Taggart's Blend from high-altitude Honduran and Brazilian Arabicas and a touch of Peaberry Robusta for the back-palate edge. It has a deep chocolate tone and notes of butter and caramel. What's not to love?

Choose bean or drip grind and 8 ounce or NEW 12-oz "Mongo'-size bag!

More Information

Our campfire coffee series pays homage to Hollywood Western comedies. Mr. Taggart is the camp boss of a band of ne'er-do-wells doing the wishes of an evil governor (played by Mel Brooks) who is trying to run a new railroad through the town of Rock Ridge without the townsfolks' consent. In the infamous campfire scene where the "boys" have consumed just a few too many baked beans for comfort, Mr. Taggart refuses to give them more. However, if you look closely at the firepit in this scene, you see a funny anachronism of a relatively sophisticated modern stainless steel coffee brewer sitting in the center. We figure that's because Mr. Taggart (played by Slim Pickens) actually has a sensitive side and loves his gourmet coffee. :-)

"Blazing Saddles" is copyrighted by Warner Brothers

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