Fire Roasted Vietnamese Dalat Blend
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Fire Roasted Vietnamese Dalat Blend

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Our newly re-imagined Dalat Blend, fire-roasted like they do in the countryside in Vietnam... featuring superb Blue Son La Bourbon Arabica in two roast levels blended with the best Highland Peaberry Robusta in the world!

The new Dalat Blend is compellingly delicious, satisfying, and totally unique in its Vietnamese traditional profile. It takes on an identity of its own as a fire-roasted coffee - full of life, ripening in the cup to a smooth finish. Fire-roasting on a rotisserie over open flame just tastes better than typical natural-gas-fired roasters, and is similar to the way this coffee is "butter-roasted" in the countryside of Vietnam.

8 oz bag, packaged in our NEW red zipper-pouch reusable bag (great for gifting!). The 12-oz size is a special value. Harlequin (multi-temperature) fire roast. Please select ground or whole bean.

Key notes: Chocolate, caramel, butter, "classic coffee" aroma.

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