Dark & Stormy
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Dark & Stormy

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We designed a Medium Roast and a Dark Roast Blend (Dark & Stormy) for offices. For many years we sold thousands of pounds of these popular coffees. Now... offices have largely come home. So we are bringing the office coffee home too!

Dark & Stormy has a French-Roast base of St. Domingos award-winning beans, with Dark Roast Nicaragua Jinotega and Vietnamese Robusta, and Light Roast Brazil Cerrado. Wow. It has all the wonderful toasty warmth of a dark roast without sacrificing the fruity, chocolatey, aromatic notes that define these coffees in lighter roasts!

It's an office cult favorite, now playing at a kitchen near you! It's also the coffee we use in our popular Cold Brew at Lola's Coffee and More, our take-out shop at 17 Playstead Ave in Medford. Betcha can't have just one cup of Dark & Stormy :-)

8 ounces, please select ground or whole bean.

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