Saigon Gold Coffee Kit
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Saigon Gold Coffee Kit

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The new Saigon Blend coffee kit features our flagship coffee, the Saigon Gold. Saigon Gold is blended from the world's most premium coffee beans and species, and roasted at 4 different temperature points to optimize the unique flavor profile of each bean.

Saigon Gold follows in the tradition of ultra-premium coffees that provide an equivalent experience to Vietnamese Civet Coffee (Kopi Luwak)... without the civet's erstwhile contribution. That chocolatey, smooth, butter taste profile of Kopi Luwak is achieved through master blending and roasting. You may never have experienced a coffee so sublime before!

To make the Café Sua Da experience complete, we include a premium stainless steel 8-ounce Phin filter and genuine Longevity sweetened condensed milk, along with easy pictorial instructions for creating the perfect brew.

A perfect gift, for a favored one who loves coffee... or is that you? Enjoy the best!

Ships in a white corrugated box with a decorative label and information inside on brewing and Vietnamese coffee. Please select WHOLE BEAN or DRIP GRIND.

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