Saigon LamDong Blend - 100% Arabica
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Saigon LamDong Blend - 100% Arabica

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Our newest Saigon Blend uses award-winning Arabica coffees in multi-temperature roasts to produce a smooth, chocolatey profile.

Lam Dong is a province in the highest region of the Vietnamese Central Plateau, the mountain range that extends up into Laos and used to be called the Annam Highlands. It is renowned internationally for the purest teas in the world, produced for almost 200 years in the region. But it is also the only region that can produce high altitude Arabicas. Grown in basaltic soil (ancient volcanic soil enriched by the cultivation of foliage) and blessed with a perfect weather cycle for growing coffee. Da Lat and other regional Arabicas have been sought after by Italian espresso makers and other award-winning producers for over 2 decades.

8 ounces; choose ground or whole bean. The ground is designed for coarse drip machines, french press and phin filter brewing. The whole bean is dry and will not clog grinders with fine particles like most Vietnamese brand whole beans do. Great for grind-and-brew machines.

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