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Unique blend of Liberica and Sumatra Samosir Island Arabica, created by Len, our owner, and named for him. It was a customer favorite when first developed in 2010 using a Sumatra Lintong Arabica, and we have decided to bring it "back to the future" with our wonderful Sumatra Samosir

Samosir is Arabica coffee grown on Samosir Island of Sumatra, a very small growing region with unique soil and climate characteristics. right in the center of Lake Toba, the same region we sourced our Lintong from. This region combines moisture, high altitude, sunshine and good winds into a perfect growing environment. The premium quality Arabica is made unique by the traditional "curing" process that takes place during a three-stage drying cycle and results in an extremely smooth and flavorful profile. 

Together, these two coffees complement each other into an extraordinarily aromatic and well-rounded coffee with much enhanced versatility: it can be brewed in any method including espresso, and is wonderful hot or cold. 8 oz roasted coffee. Please choose ground or whole bean. Full City (Medium+) roast.

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