Jerome Street Blend
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Jerome Street Blend

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Jerome Street Blend gets its name from the address of our warehouse, where Len brews up fresh coffee every day for himself, our workers, and any guests who come to visit. The idea behind Jerome Street Blend is to have a go-to coffee using our best easily available beans, partly to keep the demanding "troops" on the packing room happy (they get spoiled easily) and also impress guests.

As our "opportunistic house blend" we revise it periodically based on which coffees we have that fit the bill in providing a uniquely delicious blend while being plentiful and easy to produce. We have just revised the previous formula, which was based on Sumatra Lintong as the primary Arabica, because we are having increasing difficulty sourcing and sorting that origin. Len worked on the new formula for a week before we all decided that a new winner was born! Enjoy.

Please select ground or whole bean. 8 ounce bags.

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