JAZ Improv Coffee : Traveler Series : Marrakesh Espress(o)
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JAZ Improv Coffee : Traveler Series : Marrakesh Espress(o)

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Morocco - home of unique cuisine, spices and most everything delicious! Len was enamored with the Moroccan Espresso served to him at the Marrakesh Express coffee shop many years ago, and managed to wheedle the recipe out of the barista, including the spices and the secret ingredient of a flower essence.

With sharp spices like nutmeg and cinnamon and the flower blossom water with its fabulous fragrance, this is a cup of coffee that one of our regular Open House patrons told Len "This is simply the best espresso I have ever had!". It defies description and seems unlikely, but it's a time-honored approach to making sharp, fragrant, slightly bitter espresso that demands more than one cup.

8 ounce bags. Choose either Espresso grind or whole bean. This blend of Santa Izabel, Nicaragua Jinotega beans and peaberry Robusta is high in crema and body.

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