Ethiopian Guji Sidamo Light Roast
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Ethiopian Guji Sidamo Light Roast

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Ethiopia is considered the first region where Arabica mutations were isolated and amplified... creating many of the basic genetic varieties we see today... Typica and Bourbon being the the most prominent. While the neighboring region of Yemen developed new varieties such as Moka, many of the growers in Ethiopia have worked with the original varieties and their hybrids such as Timor for centuries.

In the region of Guji, which is technically part of Sidamo, the higher altitude and isolation resulted in unique flavor profiles and traditions that have endured to this day. Guji Arabica is usually a combination of several local sub-varieties, and is known for its berry notes and wine-like body. The Timor in this farm's collective also gives this coffee a very chocolatey note. Guji varieties have less of a lemon citrusy profile than most other neighboring regions produce.

It's astoundingly rich and flavorful in our master roast Light/City temperature. While delightfully bright enjoyed as black coffee, Len likes to add cream and sugar to give this blend a nectar-like sweetness and body, and some of the lightest notes seem to actually pop more. This is a must for Light Roast lovers!

8 ounces, please select whole bean or ground. Light/City roast.

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